Saturday, August 11, 2012


Uncle Dub and Aunt Lue Holman

We were honored to be able to attend the celebration of 60 years of love, for Uncle Dub and Aunt Lue.  These are the special people who helped make many memories for Sidney when he was a boy.  Uncle Dub is known as the prankster in the Holman family.  He has a little mischieveous smile that I always loved.

Aunt Lue was always loving and very welcoming.  When I joined the family, she made me feel right at home.

Thank you for all of your years of love and marriage and the example you have set for so many of us.  We love you.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Lexi Lynn
Meet the newest addition to the Holman Klan.  This beautiful little girl is Lexi Lynn Norrick, daughter of Katie and Tyler Norrick, and first grandchild of Randy and Tammy Holman.

Lexi decided that she wasn't going to be happy laying around in a hospital crib so she made the doctors order a helicopter and fly her up to a bigger place, Children's Hospital in St. Louis.  She got lots of attention there as the kept a good eye on her and when she had enough, she left for home.

Poor momma and daddy, they got such a scare, but they all seem to be doing well since arriving home.

Let's hope little Lexi doesn't decide she wants this kind of excitment all of the time, or the guardian angels will sure be busy, and mommy and daddy will be getting gray hairs sooner than they thought!

Welcome baby Lexi.  We are glad you are here.

Friday, March 9, 2012


What A Wonderful Plan God Must
Have For This Creative Mind
Because Oli and I were supposed to have lunch at the "Sister's Tea House" last Saturday, I brought a box of "Constructs" home from the daycare so Andrew wouldn't get bored while we were gone.  Constructs have been a favorite building material for all of our school kids at the daycare and it has been amazing to see all of the creations they come up with.  

I thought you might like to see what Andrew created.  I think it's pretty good work.  How about you?

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Pulling Taffy
 It's always a pleasure to get to keep my grandbabies, even though they are not babies anymore!    Oli, my youngest grandchild turned 6 in January and is officially not a baby in any way.  I am so greatful for the time I'm allowed to spend with these favorite people. 

Scott and Michelle made a trip to Memphis this weekend and grandpa and I got to be the designated caregivers from Friday to Saturday evening.   Brea decided to come be part of the fun weekend (and I'm always happy to have her) to help with keeping order in my house ( I seem to let the messes get a little out of hand)!

We began with pizza.  We moved on to making taffy, which is something I had been promising Brea to do for 15 years!  Finally!  We did it.

Watching Elephant Toothpaste Ooze
Next we moved on to making glitter from salt and food coloring.  Somehow our version didn't turn out as good as the ones shown on Pintrest.

Andrew and Brea Watching Science at Work
Next we tried another science experiment, also from Pintrest, by making "Elephant Toothpaste".  It was a little messy but lots of fun.  The texture felt amazing.

The evening wound down with a bubble bath and popcorn.  Then all three piled into one bed and played their DS's until lights out.  There is nothing like a sleepover at the Holmans.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Notice these fun lovin' gals enjoying an evening together.  Notice the cat!  Poor 'Fraidy' cat.  He has put up with so much over the years but on this particular occasion he seems to be purrfectly content to be among these beautiful ladies.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


A little calmer since they are all getting older
Happy Hannah, Andrew, and Elisha all grown up.
Christmas for the Holman family has always been more about being together than just presents.  This year was no different. 
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner of Moscaccoli (made by Dale), salad, home made garlic bread sticks (made by Scott), shrimp, and all the trimmings.  Not even the kids seemed to be in a hurry this year.  They played and patiently waited for the gifts to be opened.

Michelle had her house wonderfully decorated with home made decorations.  I really wish I had taken a picture before the activity began.  Her whole house was beautiful, but I especially loved the dining area that she and the kids made together.  Thanks Michelle for hosting.

When the time came to move to the tree, everyone had to find their own gifts under the tree, and then they had to wait their turn to open them.   It was fun making them open them a little slower than the norm!

Are these two practicing for the future?  Dale, Brea and Olivia's doll, Sara.
After the gifts were opened the playing with them began.  Breanna and Andrew had a laser gun fight.  Oli brought one of her favorite dolls, Sara in so she could introduce her to all the new toys.  The men headed to the basement for a game of pool while the gals sat in the living room and visited.

Grandpa calmly watches all the activity.   He can turn his hearing aids off!

It was such a nice evening together.  I know we will only have young children for a few more years and I already dread that change, but overall, this grandma has done pretty good with all the changes so far.  I'm sure I'll handle each change as they come.   Grandpa?  I'm not so sure.  I think it may be harder on him than it is me.  Sidney and I are both thankful for each day we have with our wonderful family.

Merry Christmas.....

Scott and Michelle, & Andrew.....relaxing!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Andrew, October 2011
A few weeks ago the family was down to help Sidney and I with moving some furniture. 

All the grandkids were here and I kept noticing Andrew had a front tooth that made him look like "Hillbilly Bob".   It was then I was told that this tooth had been loose all day but wasn't budging!

Scott began to work at pulling it, but there was no progress.

Andrew was curled up on Scott's lap I got to teasing him about putting his toes in his mouth.  He had a sock on his foot and soon he was putting his big toe in his mouth.  We made a game of it and when the toe got to his mouth I would pull on it and I could feel the tooth giving.   Finally!  Victory!  The tooth was gone.   A memory was made too.  How many of you have every lost a tooth by biting on the toe of your sock?  Andrew can put that one in his memory book. 

This is the sock that pulled the tooth......

 Family is such fun.  I love the laughter and joy that is had when we are all together!  Thank you God for my family!   All my family!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Uncle Dub and Aunt Lou;  Sept 24, 2011
Saturday we took a road trip with Jerry and Vicki into the Boot Heel of Missouri.  Donnie, Sidney's cousin, took us on a drive to many places that Sidney spent time  during his childhood. 

The  Sikeston area sure is flat!  Miles and miles of flat farmland that at one time used to be a swamp.  It amazed me to realize that someone had the vision to drain the swampland and turn it into prime farmland.

Donnie showed us an area that used to be a plantation that worked slaves.  Such a terrible time in our nations history, isn't it?

Jerry, Uncle Dub, Sidney Jr.

As we were leaving to come home Jerry stopped by the MacDonalds in Sikeston so we could get something to drink before hitting the high-way and as we walked through the door there sat Sidneys favorite Uncle Dub and Aunt Lou with their three grown children.  What a treat it was to see them there.  We had a wonderful visit with them before leaving for Festus.   God arranged our visit with them and we are grateful!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Grandpa sure does love his grandkids!  He shows it differently than I do, but he would walk through fire to get to one of them if he needed too.

Because we never had any daughters of our own, our grandaughters are extra special.  Now, that doesn't mean he/we wouldn't walk through fire for the grandsons, but these beautiful girls are his pride and joy!
Hannah and Grandpa May 2011

Brea and Grandpa, Christmas 2010

Sweet little Olivia, Spring of 2011

Savannah, your picture isn't here because I don't have one of you, but sweetheart, if you should read this, you should always know that you are loved very much!  There is a hole in our heart without you.  Grandpa sends his love.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Some of my favorite things to do are to just take a walk with my hubby!  It doesn't really matter where so much but it just means a lot to walk and/or take a long drive.  This was one of those days.
Overlooking the Mississippi River
I have to wonder how many more walks we will get to enjoy.  Sidney was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and his walking has really slowed.  It was on this walk that I noticed him dragging one of his feet.  I used to not be able to keep up with him on a walk but now I have to wait for him to catch up to me.  Life can be sad, but as the old Gaither song says, "We have this moment to hold in our hands", and that is good enough.  I will treasure each moment.

Carnival "NO"/Crafting "YES"!

Oli and Andrew came to spend the night last night and I was trying to think of something new and fun for them to do.  There was a small carnival in Pevely that I thought might be fun.  While I couldn't spend a lot of money I offered them a set amount each and would let them spend it however they wanted at the carnival.  Grandpa or me would not be able to ride the rides with them but I still knew there would be games, cotton candy, and more.

I told them both if we went to the carnival we would have to come home and have a grilled cheese or something light for supper.  If they didn't want the carnival we would do our usual, go out to eat, go the the Dollar Tree, and come home to craft.

Actually I was surprised that they hardly had to think about the first choice.  Both said, "Go home to craft"!

Burger King seems to have become their favorite place to eat, with both having chicken fingers.  We followed this with our normal trip to the Dollar Tree.  They get to choose one thing and of course they both opted for candy.  With their years of wisdom they have found the toys at the Dollar Tree are "junk" but the candy is always good.

Once we reached home the craft table was set up, the construction paper, scissors, glue, and glitter came out of their special drawer, and the creating began!  We added a little spice this time by cutting from magazines and a wallpaper sample book.

We then made granola bars, melted chocolate and peanut butter to dip pretzles in, and then popped our nightly popcorn.  Olivia discovered that drizzling the peanut butter/chocolate mix over the popcorn was pretty tasty.  She was right!  You should try this.

We sorted through our favorite books, stories were read and then off to bed.  I heard the last sounds at 11:30pm.   A little later than planned but what can I say;  they were at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  These are precious years.   I am so blessed!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cleaning Out

Saturday Sidney and I spent our day at an auction hoping to get a sleep number bed.  We won the auction bid, but not only did we get the bed but it came with a large dresser and two side tables.  I immediately started to think about how I could fit all of this into one bedroom.  The only way this can be done is if I move some of the other furniture out and clean out some things that are not used anymore.

One thing has led to another and almost every drawer or storage area in all three bedrooms has been cleaned out and rearranged.  In the process of doing this I had to sort through 3 drawers full of pictures.  Baby pictures, school pictures, wedding pictures, grandkid's pictures, and the list goes on.  Going through all of these pictures was bittersweet.  I just loved looking at my three little boys, Dale, Jason, and Scott.  There were a few posed pictures but most of ours family snapshots were full of wrestling, making faces, playing outside or just silly pics.  It brought back so many memories.

Later the pictures of my daughter-in-laws were added, and then the grandbabies!  How I love my family.  They can always bring a smile to my face as I look through the stages of their lives.  Treasure the moments.  They vanish quickly!  I've been blessed!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Pictures


Dale, Elisha, Breanna, Jill, and Hannah

Michelle, Andrew, Olivia, and Scott

I'm so proud of this great family!  You are looking at two sets of wonderful parents with absolutly fantastic kids!  I'm still praying that someday I can fill in this space in the middle with Jason, Karen, Savannah and JJ, but until then I will continue to be thankful for those I have around me.  God is in Control!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Although I don't have an abundance of pictures of this young man I will post a few of what I have.  I titled this easy going Elisha because that is so fitting of his personality.  He is my first born grandchild, tall, lanky, and nothing seems to ever get him frazzeled.

He is attending Truman State University, and I can hardly believe he will be starting his Sophamore year.  The time is going so fast.

Elisha works for us at the daycare during the summer and takes good care of 13 school age kids.  He has an abundance of patience with the kids and they all love him.

Elisha is a Christian young man and shares his faith with others.

As all brothers do, he likes to aggravate his sisters.  He's is a prankster and pulls it off so well because of his laid back personality. 
It will only be a few weeks until he will be headed back to Kirksville.  I will miss him again, but will get to see him at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and in the spring.  I love this boy, er' man, and couldn't be prouder of who he has become.  If I could just slow time down just a little......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Could it really be happening?  Could she really be old enough?

Hannah has purchased her first car.  She doesn't drive yet, but she has a car (lol).   Her dad has tried to teach her to drive but she hasn't quite got the confidence it takes to "just do it".   I told him she needs to practice by mowing the lawn on the riding mower.     He should just make some lanes and make her drive in them over and over.  Actually, his drive way would be long enough for her to practice in her new car.

She once said the only time she felt good about driving was when she was in Uncle Scott's car, with him teaching.  Guess who's car she was able to buy?  You are right!  It was Uncle Scott's.  She is so happy and I am so happy for her.

I am so proud of this young lady.  She is a friend to everyone, she takes up for the underdog, and she never meets a stranger!   Hannah is graduating this year and will go into nursing.  Yep!  This grandma is proud!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Last weekend we got to have a bunking party with Andrew, Oli, Hannah and Brea.  Elisha is at college now, so he couldn't join us.....

Andrew was a little upset at one point because his mom didn't leave early enough to suit him (he didn't get to get everything he likes to do into the evening), but he recovered quickly.  It was as though he got his second wind after she left for home.

He loves to craft and uses lots and lots of glitter.  He is very creative and comes up with some great designs.  The kids are now enjoying the "Cricut Machine" and have learned to make lots of people and design the clothes.  This isn't just for girls because there are knights, dragons, pirates and more on these programs.

After crafting, the popcorn was served with lots of butter;  this is only for Grandma's house!
A few M&M's were eaten, the mess was cleaned up and the couch was made up into an extra bed.

Andrew decided he wanted to see how many pillows he could stack on top of each other to make a mountain.  He was king of this mountain until all the others decided they needed a few pillows too.
The mountain quickly came down.

I enjoy my Adventurous Andrew.  Sometimes he's quiet, sometimes he's noisey, but he's always a joy!  He is growing up way too fast and is quickly turning into a handsome young man.  I love you Andrew!  There is nothing I wouldn't do for you!

Friday, April 15, 2011


How did my Brea grow up so fast?   It seems like yesterday that she was a little rough-neck, fighting with her dad and uncles whenever they were around.  Now she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady with so many interests.

This past Saturday I asked her to help me with some extra house cleaning.  She came and did an awesome job.  Every piece of furniture was dusted and shined.  She vacumned the floors, mopped, and put everything back in place.

If that wasn't enough, she was able to fix a broken kitchen drawer.  This drawer has been broken for several years and no one was able to fix it to where it would stay in place.  When I told Brea that was all I wanted for Mother's day, she decided to take a look at it herself.  Within a few minutes it was fixed!!!  It is a week later and it is still fixed!!!!   I am so happy!   Thank you Brea.

Recently we were able to get some pictures of her at the daycare as she read to the children.  She is so good with the kids, especially the school age kids.   My Brea Brea is growing up way too fast.  I am so blessed to have wonderful grandchildren!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


What a fun time I had with Michelle and Oli on Thursday, St. Patricks Day, when they invited me to a tea party at the Sister's Tea House, Fenton.

I arrived at their house to find Oli looking out the glass door anxiously awaiting her special tea party day.  Because she loves pretty dresses, and didn't have a green fancy dress, she informed her mom that "I can't wear GREEN to the Sister's Tea House."   I was able to help her out a bit with a new green bow I had made for her hair.

We arrived around 11:15 and went straight upstairs where there is an abundance of fancy dresses, hats and more hats, gloves, boas, and jewelry.    We all had fun trying on "new looks".  Grandma had fun taking pictures!  The fun ended abruptly when the fire alarm sounded!  Opps!  We had to go......

The alarm turned out to be a false alarm so we were then seated for lunch.   Beautiful tea cups, lace, flowers, adorned the tea room.     Our waitress took our order then asked Oli if she would like to pick out her tea cup?  The pot of tea was brought to our table and we enjoyed sipping it together.

If you haven't enjoyed a girls day out in a while, I'd would recommend you take your girls to Sisters Tea House in Fenton.  There is a memory there just waiting to be made.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Being a grandparent is one of the greatest joys of my life.  I love each and everyone of my grandkids and understand fully the saying, "If I knew how great it was going to be having grandkids I would have had them first".  

On Thursday I had the privelege of attending what would probably be my last grandparents day, for Olivia.   Grandpa had to attend the funeral of a very close friend so I was the only one who could go.

It was such fun to watch her march in and take her place on the platform.  She spotted her other set of grandparents, her great-grandparents, and myself before the singing even started.  Of course we were waving, taking pictures and making ourselves look foolish along with a large room of other grandparents doing the same thing.

Oli sang her songs  and then was released to show her grandparents to the cookies and then her classroom.  She was very proud to be the center of attention and of course we were more than happy to do our part.

Oli is growing up so fast and will probably be my last grandchild.    Parents miss having babies but so do grandparents.  Maybe I'll just have to volunteer at one of the children's hospitals someday.  You know, the ones where people just come in a rock new-borns.   Sounds like that would be a hard job now, wouldn't it?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I haven't posted here for a long while and I'm not sure why.  I have been really busy and a little tired in the evening when I have the time to write.  When I'm tired, it's hard to write.   I also went through the winter feeling somewhat stressed about so much work and some things that were totally out of my control. 

In January I finally broke down and went to the doctor only to find that my blood pressure was through the roof and my cholesterol was way too high.  This happens to me every winter.  I think it is the fact that I have been stuck inside with all the cold and all I want to do is cook and eat!

I have already got the blood pressure lowered with exercise, medication, and letting go of stress.  The cholesterol....well we'll see in a couple of months.

I hope to be back to making regular posts about Holmans Happenings.  I love my family and I need to start writing about them.  I will save my other site to post about my hobbies, crafting and simple living.

Thanks for checking in on me.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I  was jolted out of a deep sleep around 5:00 a.m. August 6, with thunder and wind like I have never seen or heard before.  Sidney and I quickly made our way to the living room while trying to collect our thoughts of what was taking place all around us. 
The thunder actually shook the house, and the cracking and popping were deafening.

Only minutes after it started it ended.  We were able to look out our windows to find trees and limbs down blocking all of the ways out of our house.  We were only able to get outside through the garage door.

Cleanup took 5 days with neighbors and family jumping in to help us.  There were over 20 trailer loads of limbs and branches hauled off to my neighbors field to be burned at a later date.  That doesn't count all the wood big enough to burn in a  fireplace.

As we drove around the neighborhood to assess other people's damage we found we couldn't go south on 61 because of electric lines down, we couldn't go toward TT Hwy because of lines and trees down.  Electric was out for the day, but I have to say that Ameren UE worked quickly and very hard to bring everyone's electric back. 

Our roof is damaged, we had a broken window, and some other damage to our property, but no one was hurt.  God reminds us once again that everything we have can be wiped out within a few minutes.  We must always keep our eyes and focus on Him.


I treasure the times that I get to spend with my grandchildren, especially knowing how quickly the years pass by.  So while on vacation in June, I requested a day together at the Missouri Bontanical Gardens (Shaw's Garden as I fondly remember it).

The maze and feeding the fish are always the highlight of our visit, but I always enjoy the wonderful photos that we get while there.  Michelle went with us this year and took some really great photos but her computer crashed and she lost them, so here are a few of mine (less great) that captured  Grandma's special time together.  Thank you family for humoring me and letting me spend some great moments with you.
Michelle is our family photographer but we were able to capture
her picture while she tried to find her way out of the maze!
Never too old for riding the sheep.